Breathe: 6 Weeks Healing Intensive Course

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Join me on a 6 week intensive course that will help you to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Each session is two hours long and conducted over facetime or skype and scheduled a week in-advance. There are two sessions per week, 12 sessions in total.

What you'll work on and heal

Week 1: Painful Relationships 

Release regret, trauma, despair, guilt, shame, hurt that you've harbored. Let go of the burden of blame or guilt  that you feel towards yourself or someone else. 

Week 2: Self-Love and Abandonment 

This week, you'll be working with cultivating self love and looking at places where you're not giving yourself love. Discover how and why you're holding yourself back. 

Week 3: Physical imbalances 

All physical ailments start in the energetic body and then appear in the physical, so during this week, you'll learn how to find the root cause of your physical imbalances. 

Week 4: Releasing Judgement, Gaining Freedom 

You can never be free while judgements hold you back. On week 4, you'll get to go on an incredible journey examining why and where you're holding judgement and transmute this heavy energy into light again. 

Week 5: Being Whole and Abundant 

If you're having problems with your finances, you'll especially enjoy this week. You'll get to explore reasons behind why you're not letting opportunities into your life and heal them

Week 6: Working with the Mind and Subtle Frequencies

Learning to work with the mind as one not against it. This week you'll learn how to differentiate subtle frequencies to properly coordinate your steps to get where you want to be. 


Start your year with self healing. A few 3 spots left available for January. This is a 1:1 course

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