Personal One-on-One Overcome Anxiety Course

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Personal anxiety relief course developed by Madeline Fedorova. 
What you'll get out of this course:
1. You'll learn how to overcome anxiety without any external help, all you need you already have, it is you. 
2. You're going to process emotional trauma and release past pain 
3. Work on your habits 
4. Learn how to deal with negative thoughts 
5. All this together will improve your life
  • Each session is conducted with Madeline through FaceTime or Skype, which ever one you prefer. The session is usually an hour long, sometimes longer. 
  • Scheduling is super flexible and easy
  • Each session will put you at ease 

 1 Month Includes: 15 sessions plus free first session. 

 2 Month Includes: 32 sessions  plus free first session. 

 3 Month includes: 65 sessions plus free first session. 

The number of sessions can be spread out as you wish throughout the year. They don't have to be all completed in a month. You can cancel anytime and get a full refund based on the sessions not used.


Over the last year worked with 49 clients.

If you have any question, please contact me at

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